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Man Held Over Cocaine

THE brother of a Victorian policeman allegedly posed as a police officer when he was caught with seven kilograms of cocaine hidden in a suitcase at an Italian airport.

Black View Of White Stuff

Richard Bell's colourful work raises questions about black art made for a white industry, writes Penny Webb.

Only Drips Drop, Petrol Rises

THE Sydney Opera House is leaking. The inside of the Eastern Distributor is wetter than the soppier bits of The Green Mile. Petrol distributors aren't happy just sucking the life out of motorists with their vile prices, they've taken to posting abusive messages outside service stations. You and I ar

A Good Old Anglo-saxon Word

I feel I must finally write and attempt to put a stop to the unfounded etymology of the word f--k that one sees and hears so often. The contention that this word is an acronym formed from "For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge" (or variants thereof) is untenable for a more

Man Fined $4050 For Cockfight Offences

Cockfighting was a ``disgraceful activity" that should not be tolerated in the community, the Springvale Magistrate's Court was told yesterday. The magistrate, Mr Doug Bolster, made the comments after finding a 34- year-old Hampton Park man guilty of charges relating to fighting which took p